In April 2015 I spent a month in Paris with my family. My eldest child was four years old and she made me see the city for the first time from a new perspective: through the eyes of a child. I noticed all the carousels that you could find in almost every corner of the city. There were new and old ones, big and small, decorated and raw. I could imagine all the children spinning around these old classical carousels like they had been doing for the last couple of centuries.


I have now painted a series of works to capture the atmosphere of these old carousels. I depict the movement of the carousel, its rotation, the safe recurrence, lavishness, and some element of a lost world disappearing. They bring the past and the magic of fairy tales to life, into the streets of modern cities.

I paint using acrylic and oil paints. I sketch my works by taking photos and drawing. In recent years I’ve concentrated on painting spaces by using strong contrasts of light and shadow. In these new paintings I’ve used the same technique, while playing with the illusion of space. I try to achieve the feeling of depth, but at the same time I break the illusion by simplifying.

© 2017 Anu Kauhaniemi

Tinkling Lights In the Dark, 2016, oil and acrylics on canvas, 120 x 200 cm