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Anu Kauhaniemi

Photo: Sonja Suominen, 2020

I'm Anu Kauhaniemi, a visual artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland, and 

a mother of two.


I want to realize the images that appear in my mind, reflections of the reality I experience. Painting is a way of expression that I use to process what I see and experience. It is communication with my innermost being and the outside world. First and foremost, I am motivated by the fact that I sometimes manage to reproduce the image I have in my mind. To make visible some part of the idea and feeling that I am pursuing.

The need to be seen also motivates me. I get satisfaction from having my works exhibited and by someone else experiencing something through them. This is when painting becomes communication.





2000 - 2005   The University of Art & Design (Aalto University), Helsinki


In addition studies in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (painting)

and Helsinki University of Technology (architecture)


2022    Galerie Katariina, Helsinki

2020    Mältinranta Artcenter, Tampere

2017    Galerie G12, Kuopio

2015    Galerie Seinä, Helsinki 

2014    Galerie Kajava, Helsinki 

2013    Galerie Katariina, Helsinki 

2012    Galerie Pleiku, Berlin 

2009    00130Gallery, Helsinki 

2009    VarikkoGallery, Seinäjoki  

2008    Stoa, Cultural Center, Helsinki 

2008    Ahjo, Art Center, Joensuu

2007    Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Helsinki

2005    Media Center Lume, Helsinki 

2004    Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris


2019    Silhouettes And Shadows, Kerava Art Museum

2019    Colleagues, Malmitalo Cultural Centre, Helsinki

2018    Salon Maila Talvio, Hartola

2017    SHIFT17, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

2016    30X30cm - Christmas Exhibition, Galerie Katariina, Helsinki 

2011    Billnäs Young Artists' competition, Billnäs

2010    Exhibition of the Union of Finnish Art Association, Järvenpää Art Museum

2009    Helsinki Artists' Association's Biennial '09, Helsinki 

2009    "Never to Retire ", Vantaa Art Museum

2008    Exhibition of the Union of Finnish Art Association, Mikkeli Art Museum

2007    Gallery Artower, Athens

2006    ”Masters of Arts” Media Center Lume, Helsinki




The Aalto University Art Collection

Tampere Art Museum Collection, Finland

The State Art Collection, Finland

Kokemäki City Collections, Finland

Broad way (Media company), Milan

Private Collections



2018    Grant for Mobility, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2018    Residency Unlimited

2012    The Espoo Culture Committee

2009    Young Artist Grant, The Finnish Art Society

2009    Niilo Helander Foundation



2018    Residency Unlimited, Zagreb / Split, Croatia

2010    The Finnish artists' house in Florence

2007    The Finnish Institute in Athens

2004    Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

2002    Villa Karo, the Finnish Cultural Center, Grand-Popo (Benin)

2002    Ewolé 5, the West African Art Workshop, Lomé (Togo)



Helsinki Artists Association

Finnish Painters Union